Friday, 17 August 2007

Thing 17

Sorry for saying goodbye and now blogging out of order. I have added my name to the favorites blog page on Maryland libraries.

Thursday, 16 August 2007

THING 23 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I made it. Its been a long journey and at first, I did not think I would make it. It was a lot of fun sharing ideas and experiences with my co-workers. I now know 23 things is more than winning prizes. It was a huge learning experience with many laughs. My favorite thing was creating the avatar. I also saw someone create a meeze. That had the most laughs. This program has assisted in my life long learning goals because I now have more tools to accomplish my learning goals. I was surprised at how much I did not know about the Internet and what it can offer. I use it a lot, but I guess I have not surfed the net enough. If this program was offered again, I would definitely choose to participate. The only suggestion I have is making this available to work on at home.

Thing 22

I found that using Netlibrary was easier than overdrive. One main reason was because overdrive kept giving me a message about not being able to locate a page. Initially I had a problem figuring out what I was looking for to accurately complete this exercise and take away something useful. Once I figured it out, I was able to create an account and begin learning. I started by searching the information the site had on medicine. I began clicking on things and saving them. I am not sure if that was what I was supposed to do, but the list had fees associated with them, so I hope I did it correct. I find medicine and adolescents interesting. So I may want to download the audio book about adolescent pregnancy.

Thing 21

After trying very hard to remember my bloglines information, I was finally able to add the RSS feed for the podcast Denver Public Library. It was stories for kids. This was truly a discovery for me. I did not know things like this existed. I think this is wonderful for people who cannot get out of the house. New parents and disabled parents will not feel left out. Maybe there is a way to calculate how often the podcast is viewed. BCPL could really gain from something like this.

No Cookies in the Library - Classic Sesame Street

Thing 20

Thing 20

I use youtube often. My brother and sister use it the most. We were able to watch a TV show we missed on youtube. The only use I could see for youtube in a library setting is as an online tutorial to the website. The tutorial can explain things such as how to sign up for a library card, how to use the catalog or how to use online databases.

My experience with youtube was just like any other time I've used youtube. The only difference is this one was work related.

I think the site is a wonderful way of expressing yourself to the world. It is also helpful when looking for video lectures about educational topics. What I do not like is how it can become an invasion of some one's privacy. You could be doing something that you did not want to be posted, and now the world can see it.

The video I chose was No Cookies In The Library from Sesame Street. I thought it was cute.

Thing 19

The site I chose for this exercise was craigslist. It was the number one website in the category of classifieds and directories. I have heard of the site before, but never used it. Generally I use ebay, but I will now think of this site when searching for various items. What I dislike about craigslist is the layout. When I clicked on the link, the page looked so cluttered. What I like about the site is the amount of things that I can search. This would be something useful for libraries because it offers customers so much at one website. There is not a lot of bouncing around to locate what is being looked for. This site can help with searching for things you did not know you needed. I would recommend it to all computer users.